Condom for Birth Control method

There are many things to learn about condoms and how it can be used as an effective measure against pregnancy.

Here is the information at a glance:

  • Effective, Safe, and easy to use method
  • Cost effective as they cost around $1 each but can sometimes be available for free
  • Most made of plastic or latex
  • Worn on the penis
  • Can be used to prevent sexually transmitted infection (STI) and prevent pregnancy
  • For extra protection it can be used with other forms of birth control
  • Can be used for vaginal, oral, and anal sex

Benefits Of Using One

Female condoms and regular ones are the only form of birth control that will help protect against STI and HIV. Even if you are using other birth control method, it is important to use one to avoid pregnancy. It is recommended that you either use male or female condom to protect yourself from STDs – every time you have sex.

They can be bought from drug stores, found in washroom stalls and even community centers. They are a low cost alternative that offers you protection against STDs and HIV. You do not need a prescription or show ID to purchase one (some community centers give them away for free). They also come in various textures, shapes and styles that can increase the pleasure for you and your partner. There are also ones that can delay ejaculation so that sex lasts longer.

Since no birth control method is 100% effective, using a backup method like a condom just adds protection. If you want to avoid pregnancy and want to take an extra measure while using another birth control method, condoms are the best way to go.

No side effects. Most people can use a male or female condom without any side effects. Some people might get irritation caused by the latex, but other materials can be bought such as nitrile, polyisoprene, polyurethane and lambskin. Try using a lubricant before trying another condom material since it can help decrease irritation.

Disadvantages Of Using One

People can forget to put one on before they have sex. In order for them to be effective, you need to wear a condom every time you have sex. This means that you cannot put it on half way through having sex or take it off during the middle of having sex. This will not protect you against pregnancy or STDs. Having a supply of them near you can increase your chances of wearing one before having sex.

They can get some time in getting used too. People say that this can kill the mood if it takes long to put one on. It is important that you feel good about wearing one. It is important to test out different types of brands and styles until you find the perfect fit and feel comfortable with. You and your partner can stimulate each other and keep kissing until it is put on. Even your partner can put on your condom and add lube as apart of foreplay.

Is a Condom The Right Birth Control Method For You?

Many people wonder if a condom is the best option for birth control for them. There are many benefits of using one such as the fact that it can help prevent STIs as well as prevent pregnancy. Also they are easy to use and very inexpensive. Here are some of the most common questions asked.


Where To Buy Condoms?

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