Female Condom (Femidom)

Female Condom

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What is a Female Condom?

It is a pouch placed inside the vagina to reduce risk of pregnancy. There are several brands of female condom including Femidom, FC2, Reality and Protectiv.

Most female condoms are made from polyurethane or synthetic nitrile. They may also be made from latex. They are composed of big and small rings located at open and closed ends of the condom respectively. The small ring at the closed end is inserted into the vagina, while the ring at the open end remains outside of the vagina during intercourse.

How do they Prevent Pregnancy?

Female condoms form a barrier covering the inside of the vagina. This prevents the flow of sperm to the point of impregnation. Sperm and pre-ejaculate are caught by the condom and never make direct contact with the vagina if a female condom is used properly.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits are as follows:

  • Easy to use
  • No side effects
  • No effect on hormones
  • Protects against STIs
  • No prescription required
  • Unlike regular condoms, they stay in place if the man loses his erection
  • A reasonable alternative for those with latex allergies

What Are the Disadvantages?

For some, it can cause irritation to the genitals of the man or the woman. It also may require additional lubricant to use comfortably.

There is also a small risk that it can slip out of position or into the vagina during intercourse. Users should pay attention to whether or not the female condom has been properly inserted prior to intercourse.

Users also report a reduced level of feeling when using a woman condom.

How Effective are they?

Among women who always use them correctly, 5 out of 100 will become pregnant through the course of a year.

Among women who may not always use a female condom correctly, 21 out of 100 will become pregnant through the course of a year.

How Safe are they?

They are safer than many forms of birth control. The overwhelming majority of people are able to use them safely. Some may experience irritation or allergic reaction when using them.

How to Use

  • Ensure that there is a sufficient amount of lubricant on the outside of the closed end of the condom.
  • Get into a comfortable position to insert the condom into the vagina.
  • Squeeze the sides of the closed end ring together and insert it into the vagina.
  • Push the inner ring deep into the vagina until it hits the cervix where it will rest.
  • Allow the outer ring to hang about one inch outside of the vaginal opening.
  • After intercourse, remove the condom by twisting the outer ring and gently pull it out of the vagina

Tips for Using

Users may want to have lubricant on hand to supplement the experience with the female condom.

The woman should not be able to feel the inner ring of the condom. If it causes discomfort, it may not have been inserted properly.

If the outer ring of the condom slips out of place or inside the vagina, intercourse should be interrupted for the condom to be repositioned.

It can be used during anal sex.

Is to be used only once, do not reuse after the initial sex act in which it was used.